My Wrist

Yeat (Ft. Young Thug)

Free Thugger!

We are officially living in a world where Yeat is validated. I’m not going to lie, I was one of those people that believed his buzz was a little fake. Excuse me while I wipe these eggs off my face. Today, the Portland rapper got yet another co-sign from a major rapper: Young Thug. In “My Wrist,” the two artists join forces.



Yeat and Young Thug brag their asses off in “My Wrist.” Over this synth-heavy beat, they showily talk about their jewelry, women, cars, and guns. While Thugger is the one that comes with the crazy energy, hitting us with high-pitched vocals and a bouncy flow throughout, Yeat is the one that raps like a dude that just had four Four Lokos and two shots of Bacardi 151s.

Wanna know how bizarre the hip-hop game is? These days, Thugger sounds normal, to me.

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