Baphomet Poses

Jake Fish (Ft. GTA)

“Baphomet Poses” is the appetizer before Jake Fish’s new album.

Jake Fish is a Los Angeles-born, Colorado-based MC that knows how to create intricate and high-quality tunes. Though he’s clearly young as s**t, he has a sound that I think fans of 2000s hip-hop will appreciate. Matter of fact, he kind of sounds like J. Cole, to me. Anywho, some of Jake’s biggest releases are “Oxygen,” “2AM,” and “Ceilings.” He also has an EP called Force Of Nature that I really think you should check out. Jake’s latest single is “Baphomet Poses.”

If you aren’t nodding your head while listening to “Baphomet Poses,” you must have no neck (And I truly feel for you if that’s the case). From the moment that the beat drops, Jake Fish and GTA come out swinging, hitting us with explosive bars that highlight the struggles that come with being a sought-after woman in California.

You should add “Baphomet Poses” to your main playlist for these reasons: It features unbelievable production, great storytelling, and absolutely perfect flows. Jake Fish has one with this joint.