To Da Moon (Remix)

Partyat4 (Ft. Toosii)

Toosii definitely adds to this certified hit.

I truly believe that there’s a place in the mainstream hip-hop world for Partyat4. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native has a style that seamlessly combines rap and traditional R&B, old and new vibes, and honest and braggadocios lyrics. Partyat4 is also a hard-working individual that likes to “mix, produce and write most of his tracks.” You can find his complete discography on Spotify. Partyat4’s latest single is a remix to his blazing hot hit, “To Da Moon.”

If you are aware of Partyat4’s music, you know that he has a knack for creating smooth records, and “To Da Moon (Remix)” is just that. Backed by this slick/hypnotic trap beat that provides the cool background for the song, Partyat4 and Toosii hit us with bars that are all about putting your woman on a pedestal and giving her everything that she deserves. They also remind us that none of us mere mortals are on their level when it comes to stunting. What’s dope about Partyat4 and Toosii’s verses is that they boast both dynamic flows and infectious melodies that make their words very easy on the ears.

Give “To Da Moon (Remix)” by Partyat4 and Toosii a shot below.