Fivio Foreign (Ft. Kanye West)

I’m not sure what I just listened to…

Kanye West works well with a lot of people. In the past, he was able to create magic with artists such as Jay-Z, Common, The Game, and Cam’ron. Someone else that I think he has a good rapport with is Fivio Foreign. Last year, the two worked together on great songs like “City of Gods,” “Off The Grid,” and “OK OK.” Today, “Concussion,” a new single featuring both Kanye and Fivio, hit streaming services.


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Kanye West sets the tone for “Concussion” with an explosive first verse and hook. As for Fivio Foreign, he hits us with a verse that boasts shaky flows and lots of pats on the back. While I do not believe this track is a finished product, I do think that there are elements about it that are dope. For instance, I think the production is dope (It sounds like some s**t that Count Dracula would walk out to for his boxing match). I also like the fact that Kanye sounds like his old self throughout, even though his lyrics are all over the place. Don’t completely pupu this song, y’all.

Give “Concussion” by Fivio Foreign and Kanye West a shot below.