Put It On The Floor Again

Latto & Cardi B

How did you put some s**t on the floor again (Now you just being reckless)?

If there was a such thing as Mortal Kombat for rappers, I would love to see a battle between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Not only do the two legendary female rappers know how to throw haymakers, but they also know how to get other female rappers to be on their teams. The bad news for Nicki is that Cardi’s squad just got a lot stronger. Today, the latter was featured on a remix to Latto’s booming “Put It On The Floor” hit.


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Shots are fired early and often by both rappers in this song. Y’all already know the shots Latto took, but let me tell you about Cardi B’s shots. In her lone verse, Cardi talks about smoking on your favorite rapper’s besties, how mid her competition is, and how the only thing a certain person has over her is “bodies and a couple of years.” For those of you that aren’t here for my instigating, I’ll leave you with this: I like Cardi’s verse because it’s aggressive, cocky, and goes well with the action-packed beat.

I want to see a seven-game series between Cardi B’s squad and Nicki Minaj’s squad.