Shea Michael, Isaac Zale & Konrad OldMoney

“Coast” is a great listen for a cool summer day.

Shea Michael is a songwriter, vocalist, and mixing engineer from Calgary, Canada. What I like about Shea’s music is how pacifying it tends to sound. After listening to a song of his, you might find yourself feeling rejuvenated. Some of Shea’s biggest releases are “Boomin’ Like Metro,” “Paradise,” and “Talk.” You can find his full catalog on Spotify. Shea’s latest single is “Coast” with Isaac Zale and Konrad OldMoney.

In “Coast,” Shea Michael and Konrad OldMoney talk about their impressive come-ups, their turbulent pasts, and how important living in the moment is. While Shea provides the soothing vocals and infectious melodies for the song, Konrad OldMoney hits us with unapologetic raps and tongue-twisting flows. Miraculously, both of their styles fit the dramatic, uptempo beat (Kudos to Isaac Zale for coming up with it). All in all, this joint is a serious vibe.

Give “Coast” by Shea Michael, Isaac Zale, and Konrad OldMoney a shot below.