Hope Raney

Hope Raney can rap her ass off.

I’m so high on Hope Raney, I should probably not drive for the next couple of hours. As I stated in my review of her “Pop Pop Pop” single, I love her swagger, her confidence, and her rap mechanics. Like, anytime she hops on a mic, she makes it a mission to remind you that she was put on this earth to wash her competition. Hope’s latest single is the fiery “Crucial.”

“Crucial” is powered by one of the meanest beats I’ve heard this year. Over it, we get a very prideful version of Hope Raney. In her verses, she speaks about making pure music and major boss moves, while also calling out her opps for having several bodies and not enough album sales. The feverish flows that Hope raps with are hella impressive; especially considering how her tone makes it seem like s**t came very easy to her.

Give “Crucial” by Hope Raney a shot below.