West Coast

Tdot ILLDude & G-Eazy

I love how the West Coast has so many anthems (Where’s all the East Coast anthems?).

Tdot ILLDude has the second greatest rap name of all time (Behind Tyler, The Creator). He lives up to it with music that pushes boundaries and boasts soul-clenching lyrics. Some of Tdot’s biggest releases are “I Don’t Wanna Leave,” “Don’t Knock on My Door,” and “For a While.” His latest single is “West Coast” with G-Eazy.

I wouldn’t call “West Coast” an anthem; it’s more like a manifesto. In the song, Tdot ILLDude lets it be known that he might have to move his chick to the West Coast because he feels if he doesn’t, he might lose her. Throughout, we get very passionate vocals and intoxicating melodies out of Tdot. We also get to hear him spill his heart out lyrically, perfectly showing what happily being sprung sounds like.

G-Eazy adds some edge to this sappy banger. In his verse, he hits us with aggressive raps that pair perfectly with his braggadocios and playboy lyrics. I think G-Eazy provides the perfect contrast to Tdot’s contributions.

Give “West Coast” by Tdot ILLDude & G-Eazy a shot below.