Work With Me


Rohan puts up an applaudable performance in this song.

Rohan is the latest artist from Toronto, Canada that has a lot of talent and superstar potential. What I think listeners will enjoy about him is how he mixes old-school R&B/hip-hop vibes with the same kind of brash lyrics that we usually get from today’s artists. Some of Rohan’s biggest hits are “Do You Better,” “That Body,” and “So Paid.” You can find his full catalog on Spotify. Rohan’s latest release is “Work With Me.”

“Work With Me” is powered by this atmospheric/smooth/Timbaland-Esque beat that is very easy to drown in. Over it, Rohan uses both silky smooth vocals and complex flows to speak on the importance of establishing a connection with someone he’s very interested in. The song is romantic, sly, and as dynamic as an R&B track is going to get.

Give Rohan’s “Work With Me” a shot below.