Who Told You

J Hus (Ft. Drake)

J Hus just got the biggest care package of his life.

J Hus is a household name in the UK. In the past, he has dropped a bunch of anthems and high-quality albums. With that being said, these past couple of years, J Hus has been pretty quiet. Since 2020, he has only released two singles. It seems like J Hus is gearing up for a major 2023 because today, he decided to release a brand new single with Drake called “Who Told You.”


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“Who Told You” boasts a smooth beat that I think is actually perfect for summer nights. Over it, J Hus absolutely shines. For most of the song, he hits us with laidback melodic raps that remind us all that the so-called bad guys of the world have no problem getting down on a dance floor. He also hits us with a hard-hitting verse that closes things out in the most pimpadocios way possible.

Drake yaps and sings like a dude without a care in the world in this song. Like, I legit don’t know what the f**k he’s talking about in his verse. What I will say is this: If you like the melody Drake uses in “Work” with Rihanna, you will like what he gave us here.

Give “Who Told You” a shot below.