McPlayGT Is Getting "OVER YOU"


McPlay GT

“Over You” is the sign you need to dump your trash soon-to-be ex.

From his businesses to his Tik Tok to his music, McPlayGT is a triple threat. The New York-based artist has dived into music with a full heart, ready to change the industry as we know it. McPlay, also known as Michael Chan, crafts hard-hitting, drill-inspired tunes about his life, heartbreaks, and the challenges he faces. Ultimately, his goal seems to be bringing people in while refusing to let life get to him. In 2020, McPlay dropped his first single, “Chasing Dreams,” then his second single, “Pretty Face.” Check out these songs, and more, on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. McPlayGT’s latest single, “OVER YOU,” lets us know he gives no f*cks about heartbreak. The song also has an accompanying official music video.

“OVER YOU” packs so much for a song that’s only two minutes long. This hit combines R&B and trap beats to give fans a wave of energy. As for lyrically, McPlay GT does a great job of showing the world what moving on from a relationship that is toxic for you looks like. His mood throughout the song is the energy we need for 2023. All in all, “OVER YOU” is the “I don’t care” banger to get everyone into hot girl (or guy) summer. 

Give McPlay GT’s “OVER YOU” a shot below.