City Girls

The City Girls are locked in right now.

Did the government move Christmas to June? After staying pretty quiet for the first half of 2023, City Girls has returned to the music scene with two new songs in less than 48 hours. On Thursday, I reviewed “I Need A Thug” by them, and now, I am reviewing their “Piñata” single. Let’s just say I like the latter a lot better.


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“Piñata” sounds like a banger from the early 2000s. The song boasts a simple, bass-heavy beat, elementary rap flows, and a robotic hook. As for lyrically, in their respective verses, JT and Yung Miami talk about wanting dudes with money, that play for NBA teams, and are down to flip them like drug money. While it’s safe to say that 99.7% of us have no chance of booking these pretty ladies, at least we get to hear them state what they want.

Give “Piñata” a shot below.