Chris de Sarandy

Even pop can’t make you stay in a deteriorating relationship.

UK-based musical creative, Chris de Sarandy, is a singer and songwriter who began playing in an indie band when he was just 14 years old. Since then, the artist has chosen to pursue a solo career. Sarandy’s unique sound provides listeners with “raspy, soulful” vocals and plenty of relatable lyrics. The singer says, “I want to write the kind of music people can relate to and feel where it was written from. I want them to understand and relate to me and my writing.” Some of his previous tracks include “Small Town Queen” and “Like I Don’t Know You.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Chris de Sarandy’s latest release is the ten-track album, Know Your Worth, which features the song “Autopilot.” An official video also accompanies the tune.

It’s melodic, soft, and reflective, but it hurts in the best way. “Autopilot” is emotional and touches upon the parts of a relationship we don’t always want to look at. This is the sad part of the fading love that pains us most. Lyrics like “You say you feel disconnected, rejected, neglected, well I feel the same” and “We’re so stable, But yet so hateful, We carry the blame cause we’re too scared to leave” reflect on staying in that relationship even when both parties know its time to walk away. Is it because we love each other too much to let go? Or is it because we can’t bear to be alone any more? Either way, there might not be another way out other than crashing and burning. So, press play on Chris de Sarandy’s new single to experience the struggle of going on “Autopilot.”