sick freestyle

j dreaming

Faith can overcome any challenge.

j dreaming is a Georgia native who is a self-professed “mindful artist.” This means that dreaming prefers to use his music to “help his audience experience and work through their emotions.” His style combines his thoughts into a unique storytelling experience with a hip-hop sound. Some of his previous work includes tracks like “More Money More Problems,” “Like That,” “Chillin,” and “Grace (Interlude).” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. j dreaming’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “Sick Freestyle.”

This hit is bouncy without too much to distract us from the fire lyrics. However, we love the message even more than the setup. “Sick Freestyle” reflects on the grind and what it takes to find reasons to keep moving up. Lyrics like “I’m steady seeing fruit peaches Imma Georgia baby, Now I see the point in taking up your cross daily” and “Gotta put in the work, gotta know when to rest, Last week I was hitting my threshold, I wasn’t feeling at my best” reflects on faith and finding the motivation to keep pushing through challenging moments. The soul-stirring and uplifting words are here to push us on when we feel like we’re about to fall back. Is there anything better than knowing you’re supported? So, press play on j dreaming’s new single to experience “Sick Freestyle.”