9NOVA is black and proud!

If you’re into hip-hop music that can give a damn about boundaries, 9NOVA is an artist you need to pay attention to. You will love how he blends various genres in his music and has a level of confidence on the mic that cannot be ignored. Some of 9NOVA’s biggest releases are “EGOCENTRIC! (FEELING MYSELF),” “#RESPECTME,” and “HOTLINE BLING!” You can find his full catalog on Spotify. 9NOVA’s latest single is “BLACK STAR!”

Can I make this quick sidenote? OK, here I go: I love that most of 9NOVA’s song titles have an exclamation mark at the end. Those little observations always catch my attention. Anywho, “BLACK STAR!” has enough energy to start a car up. In the song, 9NOVA raps with great animation and ferocity over rhythmic production that boasts all kinds of West African vibes. As for lyrically, in his verses, he promotes his black heart, great rap skills, and tasty African dishes. As a Nigerian, I obviously love the food references, but aside from that, I also enjoy the song’s energy overall.

Give the bombastic and multi-faceted “BLACK STAR!” a shot below.