Dope Money

Bobby Jean

Bobby Jean has no plans of cashing out anytime soon.

Bobby Jean is on the verge of taking over the game. The New Orleans rapper has had her foot on the gas for several years, improving as an artist every step. Now, in 2023, she is at her peak, crafting some of the best verses of her career. Some of Bobby’s most popular releases are “Ratchet Wit da Ratchet,” “Gvng Shit,” and “Forreal Forreal.” You can find her entire music catalog on Spotify. Bobby’s latest single is “Dope Money.”

In “Dope Money,” Bobby Jean tells us that she likes to stack and spend dope money. She also challenges her opps, welcomes smoke, and proclaims herself to be the “3rd Pac.” Throughout the song, which is powered by this uptempo, booming trap beat, Bobby hits us with feverish flows and flips lines that we’ve heard from legendary rappers from the past. If I were to guess, if it were to come on in the clubs, it will get s**t on and poppin.

Give “Dope Money” by Bobby Jean a shot below.