Joy (Unspeakable)

Voices of Fire (Ft. Pharrell Williams)

We can all use some gospel music on this troublesome Friday.

Pharrell is one of the greatest musicians of all time. Not only has he shined as a mega-producer, but he has also put up great rap and R&B performances throughout the years. All in all, I think it’s Pharrell’s versatility that makes him a legend. With that being said, in “Joy (Unspeakable),” for the first time, we get to hear Pharrell toy with gospel music.


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This is one of the best gospel records I’ve heard in ten years, probably because I’ve only heard three in the last ten years. In the multi-faceted “Joy (Unspeakable),” we get festive vibes, incredible vocal performances, and lyrical content that will make you say amen over and over again. We also get a hard-hitting beat that screams out ’02 The Neptunes. Do I think this song is random as hell? F**k yeah. Do I think this song is good? F**k yeah! (Sorry for cursing)

Give “Joy (Unspeakable)” a shot below.