Raymone (Ft. FaizonTheLion)

This is a smooth banger that is easy to fall in love with.

Raymone is starting to heat up. Since he began releasing music on streaming services in 2020, he has kept his foot on the gas, dropping many singles and even an album. I feel like he’s improved as an artist every year, which is a reason why you should be very excited about his future. Some of Raymone’s biggest hits are “Elevator,” “Drowning,” and “Addiction.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Raymone’s latest single is “Falling” with FaizonTheLion.

In “Falling,” Raymone and FaizonTheLion let the world know that they are having a hard time escaping their exes. In my humble opinion, there are several things to love about the song. For starters, I think the hook is hella infectious. Secondly, you will appreciate the vulnerability the two artists show us in their verses. Thirdly, the vibes we get overall are smooth as hell. And lastly, you’ll enjoy how we get both silky smooth singing and unadulterated rapping. All in all, “Falling” is a very complete tune.

Give Raymone and FaizonTheLion’s “Falling” a shot below.