Wide Eyed

Tom Thomas & Blaake

An alternative tune about falling in love.

Blaake is a multi-talented artist who has made a name for himself. This artist never limits himself when it comes to genres. Blaake believes that “no matter what you’re into, it’s guaranteed there is something for everyone and more to come.” Some of his previous releases include tracks like “over the obvious,” “Cheap,” and Split.” For “Wide Eyed,” Blaake’s latest single, he teamed up with Tom Thomas, an artist whose unique sound combines “raspy tonalities and old school flare.” Some of  Thomas’s previous work includes tracks like “Any Other Way,” “Everything & Nothing,” and “Now.”

Uplifting, infectious instrumentals and bouncy beats widen our eyes with the shock of the thrill. “Wide Eyed” is so fast-paced, yet it’s a romantic reflection of what happens when the artists find the ones they can’t avoid. Lyrics like “Feel some kind of way on the inside, Let me pick your brain what’s on your mind” and “Do you feel the same or am I over trying, If I took your hand would you slide, tell me” express feelings for that special someone. At the same time, it’s full of longing, asking the person to consider listening beneath the intensity. What lies there in their hearts? We’ll have to find out. So, press play on Blaake and Tom Thomas’s new single to experience a whirlwind of emotions.