Letter 2 Granny

YSD Bepo

YSD Bepo’s grandma will be very proud of his rapping skills.

I’m pretty sure YSD Bepo has both next and now. I think he raps hard, has great flows in his arsenal, and is extremely confident on the mic. YSD also sounds hungry as hell lyrically. Some of his biggest hits are “Never Been In Love,” “Rock Yo Body,” and “GHOST.” You can find YSD’s full music catalog on Spotify. His latest single is “Letter 2 Granny.”

“Letter 2 Granny” is short (It clocks in at 1:28) but sweet. Though we don’t get any Granny-related lyrics (You do get an intro in which YSD talks about his grandmother’s influence on him), it has everything else; we’re talking feverish flows, braggadocios lyrics, motivational lyrics, and a booming beat that has all kinds of dramatic vibes attached to it. Based on just this track, it’s easy to see why I think he has next.

Give “Letter 2 Granny” a shot below.