Made it to Jay

Blk Jay

Blk Jay floats in this song.

Blk Jay’s music is as refreshing as a glass of water in hell. The Jacksonville native (Who is based in Atlanta right now) makes music with meaningful lyrics, pure vibes, and infectious melodies. If you like artists like Mick Jenkins and J. Cole, you will definitely rock with him. Some of JAY’s biggest singles are “IHY,” “How Was Your Day,” and “Fair Trade.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Blk Jay’s latest single is “Made it to Jay.”

In “Made it to Jay,” Blk Jay talks about building a romantic relationship based on trust, weed, and nonchalance. What you will love about the song, which is powered by production that feels atmospheric, hazy, and laidback, is how Jay gets fully lost in its vibes, hitting us with vocals that are hypnotizing and hella memorable. Though you don’t get kill-a-rapper Jay here, you get a good serenading.

Give “Made it to Jay” a shot below.