KoolkidRockwell isn’t down to do some investigating.

KoolkidRockwell is a Cuban/Belizean hip-hop artist currently residing in Miami, Florida. What I think music fans will like about him is that he strives to cover topics in his songs that relate to your ordinary person. KoolkidRockwell is also very hard to put in a box due to all of the styles of music he is capable of making. Because of everything I just mentioned, you should understand why he is someone you should keep an eye on. Some of KoolkidRockwell’s most significant releases are “Drugs With You,” “BADDIE,” and “NICE TO KNOW YOU.” You can find his entire music catalog on Spotify. KoolkidRockwell’s latest single is “IDK.”

In “IDK,” KoolkidRockwell talks about his priorities regarding dating and life in general. He mentions that he doesn’t care what the others around him are doing; he’s too busy focusing on getting wins. First and foremost, I love the beat that we get in the song. That s**t excellently combines electrifying rock vibes and hard-hitting trap vibes. The way KoolkidRockwell rides the beat, hitting us with highly infectious melodies and trill-ass lyrics in the process, needs to be applauded. All in all, I don’t know what y’all are listening to on your Spotify, but I do know that I’m bumping “IDK” for the next couple of days.

KoolkidRockwell is a major talent.