Ava Like Lava Calls Back To The "90s Anxiety"

90’s Anxiety

Ava Like Lava

An R&B track about tackling your inner demons.

Ava Like Lava is an Iranian-born, South African-based artist. She effortlessly blends genres like R&B, pop, indie, and hip-hop together to create a seamless sound. There is also a culmination of different cultures and musical influences within her music; to me, that makes her a skilled artist with plenty to say in different voices. Ava offers a fresh perspective with lyrics that are not afraid to be introspective and raw. Her discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Ava Like Lava’s latest single, “90’s Anxiety,” explores the mental battles we all face. The song also has an accompanying music video.

In collaboration with Imanemun, Ava Like Lava gives us a blast from the past with this nostalgic R&B track. Though it makes a call to the 90s, it does have a cosmic and wavy sound that will give you futuristic vibes. Content-wise, Ava unveils a new layer of herself by exploring the invisible battle she faces with anxiety. As she rides this wave of unrest, she finds it more challenging to be fully understood by others. Both Imanemun and Ava beautifully intertwine their culture into the song with the inclusion of lyrics in Persian as the song closes out. Overall, you have to appreciate how “90’s Anxiety” deals with common emotions that aren’t talked about enough.

Stream Ava Like Lava’s new single for lessons on how to cope with that “90’s Anxiety.”