E'Lanah Is Teaching Us A "Lesson"



R&B can get you through the night, right?

Based in Atlanta, E’Lanah is an R&B artist with a lot of heart and soul. Originally debuting in 2022, she’s spent the months since going full force with her music career. You can hear her strong vocal capabilities from years of voice lessons in songs like “Patience” and “M.I.A.” Taking influence from great vocalists before her, E’Lanah easily gels old with new. Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. E’Lanah’s latest single, “Lesson,” takes teachings from the past to help guide her heart. The song also has an accompanying official music video.

This dreamy R&B track is both subversive and immersive. Though it has a chill, slow jam vibe to it, E’Lanah dominates the track with boldness and fierce energy showing she’s not afraid to bite back. She delivers versatile vocals as she interlaces her sweet melodies with the mellow beat. She’s commanding yet delicate as she learns to protect her heart from any breakage. This musician masterfully asserts herself as a true artist and one that’s not to be played with. “Lesson” itself gives you a surreal and emotion-heavy sound that’s made for late-night drives full of soul-searching. It’s not something others have to learn; this is all you. So, stream E’Lanah’s new single, and maybe you’ll find a new “Lesson” to learn.