3FACE & CEE Started "Scrolling," And Now They Can't Stop



This impressive track will make you hit replay.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, 3FACE & CEE, also known as Joshua and Cedrik, are a hip-hop musical duo. They came together in high school through their shared love of music. As a unit, they throw together genre-bending mixes that captivate and illuminate listeners. Their debut was in 2016; since then, they have been performing at live shows, releasing hot tracks, and sharing with the world the unique sounds that come from their homeland. Their impressive discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. 3FACE & CEE’s latest release is the larger-than-life single “Scrolling.” The song also has an accompanying music video and a ‘Behind The Scenes video.

3FACE & CEE take you on a fun ride with this groovy, spacey track. They combine genres like hip-hop, pop, and funk to create an eclectic sound that draws from their many musical influences. Right off the bat, you’re met with a strong and energetic flow that doesn’t slow down. 3FACE & CEE both have their own verse showing off their style that beautifully bounces off one another. They hold a fun vibe that keeps you locked in. At the same time, it’s out-of-this-world enough to make us all start imagining our own space adventures. Once the song ends, it’ll be hard not to hit the replay button. So, if you’re bored and tired of “Scrolling” on your phone, press play on 3FACE & CEE’s new single.