happy thoughts

adriansings ft. Prince Aubrey

Falling in love during the summer sounds so good.

adriansings is a multi-talented artist who takes the two biggest genres right now, hip-hop and pop, and smashes them together. This South Carolina native first began his musical journey after spending years playing the guitar and singing at his church. In 2021, he joined TRAPSHIP, a collective started in Charlotte, North Carolina, by the artist NXTMIKE. adriansings is one of the group’s founding members and works as a sound engineer for TRAPSHIP. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. One of adriansings’s recent drops is the hip-hop single “happy thoughts.” The song features South Carolina singer and songwriter Prince Aubrey.

Where do most people think good thoughts? My first answer is the beach, and this very song is here to prove my point. Tropical tunes always help me to relax, and they spur on “happy thoughts” so easily. Lyrics like “You make me all the man that I could ever be, The wind inside my sails, what you wanna see” and “You make me feel alive, I pray to God that you the one until the other side” reflects on faith and blossoming feelings for a special someone. We can improve these good feelings by just being in love and dreaming about that special someone. Even a potential romance scenario can be great! So, press play below to experience all the “happy thoughts.”