I Need To Know

NBA YoungBoy

Damn, it’s been a whole month since NBA YoungBoy released a song (That’s a long-ass time).

You can hate on NBA YoungBoy all you want, but you can’t hate on his work ethic. Just about every month since 2021, we’ve received either a new album, mixtape, or single from him. Do you realize how amazing that is? Today, NBA YoungBoy decided to get his June poppin by hitting us with a new single called “I Need To Know.”


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Thankfully, we don’t get a murderous version of NBA YoungBoy in this song; instead, we get a somewhat subdued version of the Baton Rouge rapper. As for lyrically, throughout “I Need To Know,” he lets the world know how special his music is, how big his pockets are, and quick his temper is. While I wouldn’t call this the greatest song I’ve ever heard, it does highlight how much of a free-spirit NBA can be.

The outro to this song is a must-listen.