Berna & SuspectOTB

You won’t want to press skip “NO SRT’s.”

Berna is a rapper born in Cape Town but raised in East London. Berna started his career off as a freestyler, killing his appearances on everything from Mixtape Madness’s Mad About Bars to Grmdaily’s Daily Duppy. Since then, he has released several well-received hits. Some of his biggest are “Nuttin New,” “No Miming,” and “Da Outro.” You can find Berna’s entire music catalog on Spotify. Berna’s latest single is “NO SRT’s” with SuspectOTB.

You get impeccable energy in “NO SRT’s.” First and foremost, the song boasts this menacing trap beat that the NBA YoungBoys of the world will absolutely murder. Secondly, you’ll love the animation and sturdy flows that Berna and SuspectOTB rap with throughout, as they effectively keep the beat on a leash. Lastly, their lyrical content, which revolves around holding fam down, smashing chicks that are ready to go, and destroying opps, is explosive as hell. All in all, I think this banger is a really good listen.

Give “NO SRT’s” a shot below.