Out in the Sun

His Old Chain

Alternative and fast-paced mix perfectly.

His Old Chain is a duo made up of Christian Lyles and Stefan J. Selbert. Together, the artists prefer to create story-spinning tales of what appears to be everyday life. With plenty of passion for music, the pair’s unique style is showcased in every one of their songs. His Old Chain’s work makes the darkest times and hardest parts of life seem easier to face. Some of their previous releases include tracks like “Three Hours on a Plane,” “In Desperate Times,” “Back Home,” and “Seven Stars.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify and SoundCloud. His Old Chain’s latest drop is the alternative single “Out in the Sun.” And yes, before you ask, it is perfect for summer.

Starting out with an intriguing vocal sample, “Out in the Sun” quickly transforms with a vibrant blend of infectious instrumentals. This hit is full of introspection and a love for loneliness that goes beyond the original lyrics. Lyrics like “Spending all my days out in the sun, Waiting for the sky to say I’m done, I don’t really get to see my friends, that’s the way it always ends” and “Something has got to give, I can’t seem to slow down” offers up a melancholy reflection that nicely contrasts the tune’s upbeat backdrop. With catchy beats combined with a moody, somber sense, His Old Chain gifts us with an easygoing and intimate alternative tune. So, press play on their new single to go “Out in the Sun.”