@TheCrib Is Ready To "KILL ME"



R&B for the last hurrah.

Hailing from North London, @TheCrib is a DIY bedroom recording artist. By producing all his music in the comfort of his room, he brings listeners chill hip-hop and R&B beats to play for any occasion. Crib also adds multiple layers of depth and meaning to each song he creates. You can listen to his recordings on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. @TheCrib’s latest release, “KILL ME,” is self-described as a side quest song.

@TheCrib has found a love so good, he’s ready to meet his maker. Of course, I hope it’s not literal, but you never know. The song’s title might leave you gobsmacked, but this artist challenges your expectations by making it sound sweet and flattering. His voice is gentle and full of warmth as he expresses his heart’s desires. The production has a mellow, romantic charm that’s enriching and pleasing to the ears. Apparently, love and murder are in the air because this song refuses to let either out of mind.

Stream @TheCrib’s latest single, ”KILL ME,” when it feels like you have a love worth dying for.