Emmitt Dupree

Never count out a stepson.

Emmitt Dupree is my favorite Arizona-based performer right now (He clears Devin Booker and Kevin Durant for me). I love the singer, rapper, and songwriter’s passion, and I respect the creativity he shows in his songs. If you are new to his music, I recommend you give his “Hours Make Ours” single a shot. As a matter of fact, f**k it, play his whole cot damn catalog by clicking HERE. Emmitt’s most recent release is the fiery “Stepson.”

I know I just recommended “Hours Make Ours” to you, but ” Stepson ” really sounds the opposite. In the latter, which is powered by this mean-ass beat that I can see Big Worm’s shooters riding out to, Emmitt Dupree leaves the smiles at home and decides to hit us with a dark, raw style of rapping that excellently compliments his lyrical content that revolves around his competitive nature and relentless mindset. Emmitt also toys with tricky flows that will make it feel like your ears are being crossed up by Allen Iverson. All in all, “Stepson” is the ultimate ‘put respect on my name’ record.

I didn’t know Emmitt Dupree had an ass-kicking bag like this…