My Love

Jah The Prophet

Jah The Prophet sounds very thankful for his chick.

Jah The Prophet is a New York City-based rapper that specializes in passionate lyrics and infectious melodic raps. On some real s**t, I think he has ‘IT.’ Some of Jah’s biggest hits are “BOA,” “My Love,” and “Soul.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Jah’s latest release is “My Love.”

Have you found that one special person who knows exactly what to do and say to make you feel empowered? Jah has. In “My Love,” he gives props to his woman for calming him down when he’s stressed and being loyal to him throughout the years. He also threatens to destroy the dude that broke her heart in the past. What I love about the song is how emotional it sounds. Not only is it powered by this dramatic beat that has a helluva knock, but Jah also hits us vocals that will pull at your heartstrings.

Give Jah The Prophet’s “My Love” a shot below.