TYL3R DAVIS & Westside Boogie

The raps in this song are unbelievably good.

Do you know why I love this collaboration track with TYL3R DAVIS and Westside Boogie? Because I think the two rappers are cut from the same cloth. When you listen to either DAVIS or Boogie’s music, you will learn something valuable, be blown away by their rap mechanics, and/or be tempted to hit the rewind button because you might have missed a punchline they delivered. That said, in “Hieroglyphics,” they each put up 50-point triple-doubles.

“Hieroglyphics” is all about understanding your gifts, patting yourself on the back for overcoming odds, and accepting the whacks that come with living life to the fullest. The number one thing that blew me away about this song, which is powered by a somber instrumental with a hypnotizing drum pattern, is how both TYL3R and Boogie hit us with exceptional wordplay, killer punchlines, and intricate flows while still sounding like s**t came easy to them. If I’m an up-and-coming rapper, I would think s**t isn’t fair with how good they are.

Give “Hieroglyphics” a shot below.