Delightful, high-energy pop-punk for summer!

Fluorescents, a vibrant music group based in Chicago, is making waves as a hard-hitting Pop-Punk band. Drawing inspiration from early 2000s pop-punk and 2010s easycore, they are dedicated to fueling the next wave of pop-punk music. What sets Fluorescents apart is their lineup of three talented vocalists, each contributing a unique flavor to the group’s creations. Their sound combines wall-rattling drums, epic leads, chugging rhythms, and impressive production, giving rise to a genre they refer to as Post-Pop-Punk. This style is a fusion of 80s influences and nostalgic 2000s vibes. You can find Fluorescents’ music on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Among their recent releases is the dual single, “Movies.”

“Movies” delivers an uplifting and high-energy experience, driven by infectious guitar melodies and pounding drums. Each line hits with force, injecting a shot of adrenaline into the listener’s veins. At its core, the song revolves around the theme of love. Lyrics like “Every time you hold my hand it’s like I’m clinging on to some classic / I know this kind of love is hard to find” and “We’re making out inside the movies / we’re hanging out in the jacuzzi / we’re cruising by the flags and warning signs” evoke a feel-good romantic reflection, urging us to cherish every moment. This hit promises the perfect blend of love and the nostalgic aesthetic reminiscent of old-school movie chase scenes. So, turn up the volume, press play rock out to the infectious “Movies.”