This is the perfect introduction to Mati.

Mati is an Ethiopian-born, South Minneapolis-raised singer and rapper that crafts thought-provoking hip-hop tracks. If you are a fan of artists like JID and Kendrick Lamar (I mean, who isn’t?), Mati is definitely up that alley. Recently, he dropped a seven-track EP called Thoughts In Cursive. One of the best singles from it is “Immune.”

In “Immune,” Mati gives us his deep thoughts about overcoming odds, embracing originality, and finding satisfaction in things that aren’t materialistic. What you will like about the song, which is powered by this very soothing hip-hop beat, is how Mati plows through it, hitting us with organic flows and raw deliveries throighout. S**t, it feels more like he’s venting than rapping.

Give the very impressive “Immune” a shot below.