Shake Sumn

DaBaby (Ft. Sexyy Redd)

“Shake Sumn” has been going crazy in clubs.

DaBaby has a hit on his hands. “Shake Sumn” is going crazy in clubs, festivals, and restaurants that turn demonic after 8 PM. The main reason the song is blowing up is because it makes girls want to twerk until the cows come home. Today, a Sexyy Redd remix to the banger hit streaming services. As expected, she flips s**t upside down.


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Sexyy Redd holds nothing back in “Shake Sumn” (I mean it this time). She talks about being a better sexer than a dancer, wanting to be eaten out, and rocking big-ass weaves. As for DaBaby, he doubles down on being a sicko that’s looking for the greatest vagina on the planet. The song isn’t bad, but I do think you will have to wash your damn ears out after listening to it.

Give “Shake Sumn (Remix)” a shot below.