Outta That Ditch

Metallic Malik

And I thought getting it out of the mud was impressive…

Metallic Malik is a cool-ass rap name. Fortunately, Malik’s music lives up to the name. As a songwriter, rapper, and recording artist, he possesses exceptional rap skills and delivers deep, thought-provoking lyrical content. Among Metallic Malik’s standout singles are “Push Me Aside” and “Comes & Goes.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Malik’s latest single is “Outta That Ditch.”

In “Outta That Ditch,” Metallic Malik pays homage to his mother, GOD, and his support system. He also gives himself a pat on the back for being a great MC and puts to bed the Drake comparisons. Interestingly, the way Metallic plows through the song, which is powered by this factory-like hip-hop beat, is Kendrick Lamar-Esque (His raps come out very easily and his flows sound dynamic). On the real, “Outta That Ditch” sounds like light work for Malik.

Give “Outta That Ditch” a shot below.