SpaceMan Zack

SpaceMan Zack wants everything; how bout we start with giving him the moon?

SpaceMan Zack is out of here. The Dallas, Texas artist has seen mad success these past couple of years, with plenty of his singles exceeding 1 million + views. I still get the sense that he is a hungry artist, though. Some of Zack’s biggest singles are “Coke in the Bathroom,” “Drugs in the Rain,” and “Crying Tonight.” You can find his whole catalog on Spotify. Zack’s latest single is “PIECES.”

In “PIECES,” SpaceMan Zack talks about his wins, his quick temper, and the pills he likes popping. The first thing that will catch your attention is the production. It gives off this electronic trap feel that will make you want to bounce on your parents’ bed. From there, you’ll appreciate Zack’s extremely catchy hook, intoxicating vocals, and edgy demeanor. All in all, “PIECES” will get things turnt up!

Give “PIECES” a shot below.