King Moe (Ft. Juice Da Mamba)

This s**t must be played often during this summer (Twice on Sundays).

Based on his name, you know that King Moe is that guy. The main reason I believe you should pay close attention to this Goldsboro, NC rapper is because he is versatile as hell. Not only is he more than capable of hitting you with top-notch bars, but he also knows how to put together hard-hitting club bangers. Just to let you know, many of your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers can’t do that. Some of Moe’s biggest hits are “Through the Reign,” “Hot Hands,” and “Fresher Than You.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. One of my favorite Moe songs is “Snapback” with Juice Da Mamba.

“Snapback” is a trill-ass banger that only the realest will fully appreciate. First and foremost, the song boasts this piano-driven, menacing trap beat that will beat up any club speaker on this planet. Over it, King Moe and Juice Da Mamba absolutely shine. While the former relies on a ferocious/animated delivery to get his s**t off, the latter toys with a bit of a tongue-twisting flow. No need to worry, lyrically, they are on the same page. Moe and Juice each talk about dunking on their haters, racking up wins, and pulling the finest of women in their respective verses.

“Snapback” is one of those records you’re going to want to replay a couple of times. S**t, I’ve already given the song ten extra streams! Give it a shot below.