Ms. Takes

Big O (Ft. L.O.U., Frannie El & P-Rawb)

I rock with Big O’s crew.

You are missing out if you aren’t hip to Big O. Throughout the years, the UK-based producer has cooked up some of the most intricate, timeless-sounding, and satisfying hip-hop beats I’ve heard in a while. On some real s**t, as a music fan, I appreciate the hell out of him. Some of Big O’s biggest hits are “Shipping (Out),” “Footprints In The Snow,” and “With You.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. One of Big O’s latest releases is “Ms Takes” with L.O.U., Frannie El, and P-Rawb.

In “Ms. Takes,” everyone is on the same confrontational page. In L.O.U.’s verse, he talks about wanting a relationship with no attachments or headaches (aka a Cuddy Buddy), while in P-Rawb’s verse, he talks about pushing a mischievous partner to the curb after realizing she wasn’t good for him. I love how both rappers plow through the song using tongue-twisting flows and a tone that perfectly straddles the line between laidback and aggressive.

Even though “Ms. Takes” boasts somewhat fiery lyrics, the song has a pretty gentle feel. Frannie El’s hook is smooth as hell, while Big O’s production features a chill vibe, a dramatic melody (Almost opera-like), and a bit of an R&B feel.

Big O has built up quite the rapport with every artist featured in this song, and you can tell. Give the fantastic “Ms. Takes” a shot below.