Hollywood Principle Has "The Thought Of It" (Love) Down With AL3JANDRO

The Thought Of It

Hollywood Principle & AL3JANDRO

Rest easy with this cool summer track.

Hollywood Principle is a San Diego-based duo that makes electronic-infused pop music. With diverse influences, they’re “committed to pushing the boundaries of music and creativity.” Since 2013, they have been crafting a vibrant blend of diverse musical elements. Hollywood Principle finds joy in experimenting with an array of genres, particularly electronic and pop, offering the perfect canvas to incorporate various innovative sounds seamlessly. The duo has an upcoming EP titled Deep Summer on the horizon. Just like their other masterpieces, this EP will be accessible on popular platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Among the captivating tracks featured in the EP is Hollywood Principle’s latest single, a remarkable collaboration with the talented singer AL3JANDRO, titled “The Thought Of It.”

Prepare to be immersed in the enchanting world of “The Thought Of It,” a track that will undoubtedly set your heart ablaze with thoughts of love during these scorching summer days. Its cool and soothing beat will leave you mesmerized, yet your mind won’t be able to resist pondering that special person who holds a place in your heart. Can you endure this summer without them? Is it even worth trying when they mean so much to you?

This song invites you to bask in your most cherished moments, as you embrace a newfound love that blooms like a summer flower. Hollywood Principle and AL3JANDRO have masterfully crafted a musical experience that fulfills listeners’ desire to find solace in the warmth of love and raw emotions. Let the music carry you through the heat, as you surrender to the power of love’s tender melody and impassioned expressions.

Give “The Thought Of It” a shot below.