Patrick Moss Knows There's "Nothing To Know" About Love That's New

Nothing To Know

Patrick Moss

A pop song you can weep and party to.

Patrick Moss is an independent singer and songwriter based in Columbia, South Carolina. Moss prefers to keep things simple and easy with his music, making him easily understandable and impressively available to a broad audience. When Moss is not making music, you can find him playing golf or making TikToks, where he shares the behind-the-scenes process of his music endeavors. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. One of Patrick Moss’s latest releases, “Nothing To Know,” marks his musical debut. The song also has an accompanying official music video.

Moss has faced a string of unfortunate luck in matters of love. Life has been tough on him, and he’s encountered many hurdles, making it challenging to find the connection he longs for with someone special. It sucks because Moss says he once had someone special but lost them. He reflects on this heartbreak with lyrics like “I tried to sleep last night but just keep seeing your face” and “I thought I found the one till she left.” Though he’s in a state of brooding, Moss can still churn out a sound that people can easily vibe and have fun with. For those looking for a catchy tune to get you through the summer, don’t press skip on this track. 

Give “Nothing to Know” a shot below.