BOWIE Thinks She's "Good All On My Own"

Good All On My Own


An anthem for women and girls who don’t fit in “the box.”

Germany-based singer-songwriter BOWIE fearlessly defies society’s expectations for women with her empowering music, igniting inspiration in fans to live authentically. In her debut EP The Upside Down, BOWIE navigates through societal pressures, offering a compelling musical journey available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

BOWIE embraces newfound freedom with her latest single, “Good All On My Own,” a precursor to her upcoming EP, The Right Way Up. The song showcases an alternative-pop melody transitioning seamlessly from airy bubblegum-pop to a moody, powerful synth rhythm. Bowie’s vocals eloquently address society’s expectations of women, delivering a timeless message of empowerment to embrace individuality.

“Good All On My Own” will resonate deeply with fans, empowering listeners to break free from boxes and embrace their uniqueness.

Give BOWIE’s “Good All On My Own” a shot below.