JVLY Wishes You Were "here"



An R&B track that will make you feel wanted.

Hailing from Newcastle, Australia, JVLY is a musical artist who specializes in mind-tripping music. His style falls into the realm of chilled electro-R&B, drawing comparisons to artists like River Tiber, FkJ, and Galimatias. With an active presence since 2016, JVLY has released numerous singles over the years, collaborating with talented producers and songwriters. This year, he’s graced us with the hits “tacit” and “ambien.” His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Regarding his latest single, “here,” JVLY feels it’s the most complete song he’s ever made. 

“here” captures a perfect moment in time, immersing you in a track that satiates your cravings for authentic R&B. By weaving together the captivating elements of the genre – moody production and heartfelt lyrics – JVLY crafts an unforgettable atmosphere with this banger. The song’s soft, yearning tone leaves us with a sense of essential connection, a feeling of being indispensably wanted. With a serenade aimed at a special someone, JVLY expresses an undeniable desire for their presence by his side. Every moment without them becomes a challenge he can’t endure any longer.

JVLY pours his emotions into the track, resulting in a splendid fusion of rhythm and soul. Whenever you find yourself in dire need of music that makes you feel cherished, this is the tune to play. So, dive into “here” below.