Kilate Tesla & Jeon

Summer is for dancing, and so is this hit!

Hailing from the Netherlands and born in Curacao, the versatile artist Kilate Tesla is making waves in the music scene. Formerly the lead singer of the music group Tony Montana Music, this multilingual talent has now embarked on a solo journey. Kilate Tesla’s artistic prowess has led him to collaborate with renowned producers such as Puri, Architrackz, and Alex Sargo. Notably, his smash hit “Palo” has garnered over 8 million streams and even found its way into Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show. With his music readily available on platforms like  Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, Kilate Tesla’s impact is undoubtedly felt.

A recent creative alliance emerged as Kilate Tesla joined forces with the accomplished musician, composer, and producer Jeon, also known as Jonathan Thiel. Jeon, a multi-faceted talent, has been recognized as Aruba’s ‘Artist of the Year.’ Kilate and Jeon unveiled their collaborative masterpiece, the single “DOGGY,” along with its captivating official video.

The magic of “DOGGY” lies in its fusion of a “Who Let the Dogs Out” sample with a mesmerizing blend of ultra-groovy beats. This track transcends mere auditory pleasure, weaving an alluring narrative accompanied by visuals reminiscent of video game aesthetics – a seamless embodiment of their creative vision. The video adds a touch of playfulness, showcasing the duo’s animated alter egos evolving into canine counterparts, a concept that charmingly complements the song’s title.

What sets “DOGGY” apart is its audacious departure from the expected, embracing a theme and approach that defy convention. Kilate Tesla and Jeon fearlessly deliver a unique sonic experience that marries delightful vocals with an irresistible musical backdrop. The result is an infectious single that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of summer. So go ahead, hit that play button, and let the dynamic rhythm of “DOGGY” transport you to a world of musical delight.