Rita Ora Is So Focused On "You & I"

You & I

Rita Ora

I want to love as hard as Rita Ora does. 

Rita Ora, the talented British singer-songwriter, boasts an extensive repertoire of titles in her wake. She emerges anew with her latest venture, an experimental electropop album titled You & I. After a preceding hiatus, she has returned with an array of fresh hits, determined to reintroduce herself to the limelight. Ora boldly takes on the challenge of breaking free from the familiar pop mold that characterized her well-known tracks such as “Let Me Love You,” “Praising You,” “Your Song.” One of her most recent hits is “Don’t Think Twice.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. From her new album, You & I, comes the latest self-titled single that gets deep with a poppy flow. 

“You & I” is a fusion of rock and pop, a love ballad crafted for those deeply in love. Ora candidly confesses her struggles in past relationships, never quite finding the right love until she met “the one.” And indeed, this is the one, as we witness her journey toward a happy ending. The wedding dress, the laughter – all laid bare for us to share in her joy. Ora bares her soul, describing the myriad ways her newfound love makes her feel and the abundant love she has to give. Her boundless happiness upon finding the person to spend her life with resonates strongly. It’s the kind of love we all aspire to experience at some juncture in our own lives. While I personally find the song slightly subdued and gentle, the lyrics have certainly captured my attention. Thus, I recommend exploring Rita Ora’s music to comprehend the sensation of finally attaining a “You & I.”