If It’s Not Champagne Apple & Honey, It’s Kraft Mayo

54 Reasons

The title may be lengthy, but the song is remarkably relatable.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, 54 Reasons is a pop-punk band active since 2013. The band consists of Evan on bass, Conner on drums, and Juan on lead guitar and vocals. They strive to embody the spirit of pop-punk legends like Blink-182 and Green Day in their music. Their debut album, Just a School Thing, was released in 2016, followed by their sophomore album, Cigarettes and Candy, in 2021. Both albums exude high energy and are great throwbacks to the classic genre. Since then, 54 Reasons has been on a journey of musical exploration, seeking to embrace different sounds in their compositions. Their impressive collection of music is available on Spotify. You can experience 54 Reasons’ latest eclectic sound in their newest release, “If It’s Not Champagne Apple & Honey, It’s Kraft Mayo.”

“If It’s Not Champagne Apple & Honey, It’s Kraft Mayo” is a song full of surprises. Its unique song title alone keeps you guessing, unsure of what you’ll encounter once you hit play. The initial dreamy Latin beat gradually transforms into an all-out rock show, with 54 Reasons exuding total rockstar energy through their electrifying chorus.

Vocalist Juan unleashes his inner beast, grappling with his emotions in a complicated situationship. He tries to brush it off as merely a physical connection, but deep down, he knows he’s captivated by her. The song delves into an all-or-nothing scenario where anything less than the best feels like the worst.

54 Reasons coolly blends Latin-Pop with rock, defying expectations and creating a fun and enjoyable listening experience. So, stream “If It’s Not Champagne Apple & Honey, It’s Kraft Mayo,” and perhaps you’ll be able to decode its true meaning.