Talk To Me Nice


Do you hear that, Ben Simmons?

Do you know what I love about Tinashe? It seems like she’s still figuring out what kind of artist she wants to be, so she’s shuffling through a few different styles of music to see which one works best for her. I think that’s brave of her. In my humble opinion, one of Tinashe’s best sounds is the slick one she uses in her latest single, “Talk To Me Nice.”

“Talk To Me Nice” might sound like fighting words, but surprisingly, this is not fighting music at all. In the song, Tinashe gracefully communicates her desire to make things right and avoid conflicts with her partner. She also hints at how intimacy can resolve many of their issues. Tinashe’s impressive singing skills shine brightly in the song, and the production she chose showcases her eclectic personality with its quirky and dynamic nature.

Tinashe needs more respect put on her name.