Roll Up

Devon Braxton (Ft. Lonely Leonard)

A dancehall track that brings plenty of heat!

Hailing from New Jersey, Devon Braxton emerges as a versatile and multi-talented artist, weaving his distinctive imprint into the realm of singing and songwriting. With an innovative perspective, Braxton crafts a unique sonic blend that defies conventions, a testament to his unwavering dedication to perfecting his musical prowess and elevating his compositions to new heights. Drawing from a diverse array of musical icons, Braxton’s creative journey draws inspiration from the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder, ultimately cultivating an eclectic style that resists easy categorization. Among his notable prior releases, standout tracks include “LONELY,” “Why You So Quiet,” and “Guilty Pleasure.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Devon Braxton’s latest drop is the dancehall single, “Roll Up,” which features artist Lonely Leonard. The new tune also features accompanying visuals.

“Roll Up” beckons you to sway and groove to its seductive melody, enticing you into an irresistible dance. Lyrics like “I wanna see you dancing in the party, up down, up down, shake your hips to the beat” and “Yeah, your beauty really fitting the description, Baby girl, I’m trying to be your latest victim” are skillfully delivered with a magnetic charm. Yet, it’s the song’s sun-kissed aura, brimming with boundless positivity, that ensures our enthusiasm. With its infectious rhythm and unyielding intention to get us on our feet, “Roll Up” is unequivocally a dance anthem. Engage with Devon Braxton’s vibrant soundscape and let the music sweep you into a night of carefree dancing as you embrace the invitation to “Roll Up.”