The Play

Gran Larson

Gran Larson’s “The Play” is equivalent to a 99-yard pass for a touchdown.

Gran Larson is a real one. In his music, he doesn’t talk about some knucklehead s**t; instead, he usually drops meaningful verses that just about anyone can learn from. As for his skills as a rapper, they are impressive. He has great confidence and dynamic flows for days. Recently, Gran released a new project called Soul 73. One of the best tracks from it is “The Play.”

“The world is yours, the world is yours!” That’s the message Gran Larson delivers in “The Play.” Specifically, he raps about the importance of staying true to yourself, giving back, and ensuring you get what’s yours. I love how Gran uses an assertive rapping style in his verses, which perfectly merges with the hard-hitting, hypnotizing beat. I also love how he keeps it 100 throughout, never relying on gimmicky styles to get his points across. Gran is a real one.

Give “The Play” by Gran Larson a shot below.